7 Top Tips for Happy Feet

How I walked from Coast to Coast and still had happy feet.

My 40th birthday was looming and my family were trying to make plans to celebrate – it freaked me out, I don’t know why? The thought of karaoke and cold chicken thighs just made me realise I didn’t want to celebrate being 40.  So, after a few wines one night I impulsively decided I was going to follow in the footsteps of Wainwright and walk the Coast to Coast alone – that’s how I wanted to celebrate.

I suffer from blisters badly, every new pair of shoes I’ve ever bought have squeezed, pinched and rubbed my delicate tootsies. Everyone I spoke to who had walked the Coast to Coast had a horrific blister story to tell.

But I did it! I walked 192 miles and I didn’t get one blister – not even a hot spot.

If you follow these foot notes you can say bye to blisters and hello to happy feet.

  1. Good Boots – I bought new boots and went to a shop that fit them and gave great advice, they were a size bigger than I would have normally chosen. I learnt that I have wide feet and was advised on which were the best brands for my plates of meat.
  2. These Boots are Made for Walking – I walked them in gently over 30 days prior to the trek, around the house first – the shop would except them as returns if they hadn’t been outside.
  3. Lube, Lube, lots of Lube – I lathered my feet every morning with Vaseline – which felt gross at first but it works a treat.
  4. Liner Socks – Well worth the investment.
  5. Cool Down  – I dipped my feet in cooling water every ten miles or so.
  6. Clean Socks – Dirt, grit and sweat can cause rubbing so I made sure I had a clean pair on every day, this meant doing a wash load half way round the walk.
  7. Pepermint Pamper – I bathed and moisturised my feet every night without fail.

Coast to Coast


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