Arctic Norway ski touring

So having manged to recover from flu, just in the nick of time we flew out to Tromso on Friday.  We then journeyed upto the Lygnen alps – wow what a stunning location and so much snow it hasn’t stopped snowing since we arrived. We even saw 3 Moooses in the wild on the drive in.

We are 70 degrees north of the arctic circle and it feels very arctic, we have two days of ski touring under our belt Day 1 getting the feel of skinning up the hill again we skinned to just below 920-m ‘Stetinden’ – and were rewarded with skiing all the way back down to the ocean.

Today we drove around the Fjords to what looks a beautiful peak in the photographs, ‘Storgalten’ – however the Arctic lived up to its name and we skinned in very low visibility but were rewarded with a superb ski down on totally virgin snow.

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