Why Walking Makes You Healthier

Ways that walking makes you healthier………..

Getting in touch with Nature gives us a good sense of well-being and peace – something to do with leaving all that technology behind!

We all know that you feel better after a good walk but what does that really mean?

So, here’s a list of benefits you can achieve by taking a daily walk, or treating yourself to a day’s walking with our Mountain guide team

  1. Good for cardiovascular health
  2. Normalises blood pressure
  3. Good for people with type 2 diabetes
  4. Cleanses the lungs and pushes fresh air into them and oxygen around the body
  5. Some studies say it can lower the risk of cancer related diseases
  6. Strengthens the muscles
  7. Helps with back pain as it strengthens the core
  8. Provides your daily dose of vitamin D
  9. Reduces stress and anxiety and improves focus
  10. Elevates your mood
  11. Increases energy level
  12. Delays ageing
  13. Good for the brain, all that natural stimulus
  14. Helps you sleep

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