The importance of keeping fit.

I over indulge during the winter months eating fatty foods to keep warm. The reduced daylight hours and bad weather always mean I am less active, and I make a million and one excuses that I am too busy or too tired to exercise.

Spring is here now and I know I am frantically trying to squeeze into my summer clothes. When I was younger wanting to stay fit was all about appearance but now I find it’s all about looking after my own mental health and well-being. I know that exercise makes me feel less stressed and happier – especially if I get outside. I know that exercising improves the clarity of my mind and through the release of dopamine, it changes my mood and I always feel better and have more energy afterwards.

It is never too late to get fit – I find organising a challenge to work towards gives me the motivation to stop coming up with excuses, whether it is signing up for a race for life, completing the Yorkshire three Peaks Challenge or making my annual holiday a challenge walk, it gives me the push I need at this time of the year.

When I exercise on a regular basis, I find it easier to get out of bed in the mornings. I concentrate better at work, feel more alert, and I am much calmer when dealing with problems. The release of endorphins means I become less stressed. I love to walk up Kinder I call it my problem mountain, I start a walk with a problem I want to figure out and at the end of the walk I usually find that it isn’t a problem anymore. Walking gives me the time out to put things into perspective and makes solutions to problems crystal clear.

Ten ways staying fit can improve your life

  1. Staying active boosts mind function and energy, decreasing the risk of dementia.
  2. Exercise improves bone health and decreases your osteoporosis risk.
  3. Regular exercise can help increase your libido.
  4. Staying active helps maintain our muscle mass and can increase it
  5. Improves digestion and minimizing sluggishness.
  6. Reduces stress, depression and anxiety- raising your body temperature has been shown to calm nerves.
  7. Reduces cancer risk.
  8. Improves your skin.
  9. Enhances mental performance and work productivity.
  10. Find a new circle of friends


These are the most common excuses I use not to exercise and some solutions I have come up with to give myself the boast I need.

  • I will need to re shower wash my hair and reapply my makeup – either exercise first thing in the morning and then take a shower or later in the evening.
  • Exercise is hard work and no fun – I know the more I do it the more fun it becomes, working out with a friend helps or while listening to an audio book.
  • I don’t have the time! – You can always find time it’s about establishing a routine -I allow myself a treat once I have exercised. I will not allow myself to watch a TV programme or have a glass of wine unless I have done some exercise.
  • I am too tired after work – I know that exercise increases blood flow which means that my heart is pumping oxygen to my brain, muscles, and tissues faster, I know it will make me more alert and less tired if I do some exercise. I am an afternoon person that’s when I am most alert so I use that time to exercise. If you are a morning person get out in the morning and get it over and done with. Going to the gym or for a walk straight after work before going home stops me getting into the “I am too tired” mindset.
  • There will always be a good excuse – you just have to talk yourself out of it.

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