Recovering After a Long Walk

Angela and I have just had the pleasure of leading a group of ladies on the ‘Lady Anne’s Way’  – a 100 mile route that takes you through the glorious Yorkshire dales and the Eden Valley to finish in Penrith.


The miles and the days were long with scarcely enough time for breaks and recovery each day.

When putting your body under such constant demand it is important to follow some simple rules

  • Eat well – little and often to keep up energy levels
  • Drink – stay hydrated it’s the most important thing – if your fingers start to feel puffy it’s a sure sign you are dehydrated already
  • Listen to your feet if you have hot patches or rubs – stop and attend to them immediately do not wait until the next stop

At the end of the day relax rehydrate east well and rest ensure you get plenty of sleep.


At the end of the walk give yourself time to ‘Come down’ from the euphoria of finishing, celebrate then relax, unwind – have a nice soak in the bath, have a good meal, eat well and if you feel you can book a massage and get rid of those knots in the body – Be kind to yourself write down what you have learnt and what you would do differently next time.

But above all be proud in what you have achieved.


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