Kit suggestions for a Day Out on the Hill

Walking kit list suggestions
Relax, take some well-deserved time out to reconnect with nature in an adventurous and stress freeway stress-free way. Walking is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep fit and promote natural wellbeing. We have compiled a list of a few suggested basics for day trip walkers.

This checklist features a basic overview. Each walker is different, and you know your needs more than anybody, so use this list as a guide

Suggestions for kit for a day out walking
• Waterproof Outer (Can always be kept in the rucksack until needed, don’t leave home without it)
• Insulating Mid layer (Fleeces, softshell jackets, down jackets, dependent on the weather)
• Breathable Base layer (Look for technical materials, avoid cotton t-shirts)
• Walking Trousers (Quick drying trousers with a good range of movement, avoid denim)
• Waterproof Over trousers (A great option for over your walking trousers in a downpour)
• Hats & Gloves
• Rucksack/Daypack (Well fitted, adjusted correctly and comfortable)
• Watch (Or any reliable method of telling the time)
• Walking Boots/Shoes
• Breathable Walking Socks (Merino wool is ideal, avoid cotton if possible)
What to carry in your rucksack?
• Personnel First Aid Kit/medication
• Mobile Phone
• Emergency Whistle
• Map & Compass (Even if you use GPS)
• Torch or Headtorch
• Sun cream
• Sunglasses (Snow can be bright, so worth taking them in winter also)
• Blister Relief
• Spare Laces
• Bottled Water (Keep yourself hydrated)
• Flask of Hot Drink
• High Energy Snacks (Flapjack, Kendal Mint Cake offer a release of energy when tired)
• Tasty lunch sandwiches or wraps or soup and sandwich
• Spare Warm Clothing
• Spare Socks
• Emergency Contact Details

Other things you may like to add as personal preference
• Walking Poles (Help take some of the pressure off your knees when walking)
• Gaiters
• Camera
• Sit Mat


At Path2Peaks we have a membership scheme for our Well-Being Walks for Women –  2019 Peak District Walks.

Walk, talk, breath, share, learn, feel good, feel healthy and  feel free.

We ask those who enjoy our well-being walks to make an annual  donation of £20, this enables us to run the website and pay for the public liability insurance needed to take you on the guided walks.

For £20 a year

  • We will organise a programme of 12 well-being walks in the Peak District
  • We will share our knowledge of local history, geology, flora, fauna, myths and legends.
  • We will teach you how to plot a walk and estimate the time it will take
  • We will provide you with one tailor made walk to follow at your own leisure
  • We will offer continued support to meet your walking goals
  • We will recommend new challenges for you to aim for
  •  We will Provide a regular newsletter celebrating our communities  adventures and success
  • You will receive a Path2Peaks Buff if you complete all 12 walks.
  • We will give you the skills and confidence needed to lead your own guided walk
  • All members will receive a navigational pacing and timings chart
  • All members will receive a printed map of the route from each walk they attend

Regular walks and exercise free the mind and the spirit. Problems unwind and find solutions – endorphins release happiness, which makes you feel good. It’s easy to have great well-being, walks in a safe environment – meet new friends and gain confidence.

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