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About Us

Angela Owen


I grew up in beautiful Derbyshire, still my favourite place.  I moved to the French Alps in my late teens and fell in love with mountains; In my twenties, I spent seven years in Mexico City and used the surrounding Sierra Madre mountains as a playground to escape the chaos and stress of living in one of the busiest cities in the world. In my early 30’s I returned to the UK as a single parent to my 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. I used walking as a fun way to get them active and outside breathing fresh air, something they hadn’t had much of in Mexico City. We have had many great adventures together, especially scrambling and learning to climb together.

As a secondary school teacher, both in Mexico and here in the UK, I have done everything I can to get kids outdoors, as I believe it develops their character makes them more independent, resilient and nicer human beings. I am also a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Assessor and Award Verifier – which is a fantastic way to develop kids confidence.

I have taken students on life changing expeditions all over the world. In the UK, students we work with annually have the opportunity to walk Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, compete in Adventure Races, take part in the Everest Challenge, the Yorkshire and National Three Peaks Challenge. As such I am very experienced in regularly writing and reviewing risk assessments to ensure they are relevant and include best practice.I love walking, It reduces stress levels and I just enjoy being outside, it’s the best place to do exercise.

I have organised three international Adventure conferences, developing my abilities as an event’s organiser with a meticulous eye for detail. I have vast experience of planning adventurous team building activities for adults and children.

I have worked with groups of all sizes and ages helping them access the outdoors in a fun but safe manner.

Myself and Bev both share a love for walking and have benefited from the sense of well-being achieved after every walk – A walk with us is like a little bit of chicken soup for the soul.

Bev England


My passion for the outdoors was initiated by a trip to North Wales with my school when I was 13, excited by the Mountains and crossing the famous Crib Goch ridge to Snowdon left me wanting more, every opportunity I got from then on led me to the hills. I joined an expedition to Arctic Norway and spent a month in the Arctic Circle studying how the Glaciers had receded and the human geography of the area and even manged to see a lap settlement, we mounted an expedition staying overnight in Mountain huts and summited Mt Rajo on the border with Sweden I was hooked.

I was lucky to have been born in Derbyshire and had the Dark and White Peak on my doorstep to explore, through my teens climbing became my passion and Sundays were spent on Stanage, Froggatt and Curbar or Cheedale, Harborough rocks to name a few.

I enjoy a  challenge and challenge walks met the brief, so subsequent years resulted in day challenges of over 25 miles, which then led to long distance walks including the Coast to Coast and Dales way, Lyke wake walk to name a few.

Summers holidays were spent walking in the Alps with my husband and boys

During the Winters I became a passionate skier moving from Piste, to Off Piste and Ski Touring – the ski tours which have took me across back country mountains from ‘Chamonix to Zermatt’ the classic ‘Haute Route’, the Dolomites, Western Bernese Oberland and more recently up to North Iceland in the Arctic Circle and Norway in March 2018.

When I realized that I had more rucksacks than handbags, I knew it was time to trade in the heals for walking boots and start Path2Peaks.

My passion is to share the outdoors with you and what it can offer, how it can increase your well-being and sooth the soul – nothing clears you head like a brisk walk, having spent years in the corporate sector, covering Buying Marketing, Programme and Project management. I took the opportunity to be true to myself and set up with Angela a fabulous company with you in mind.

We hope to meet you on an adventure soon.

Find out more about what we do – visit our website.

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